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Name: Link
Age: 17ish
Gender: male
Species: Hylian/human (both long- and short-eared Hylians are referred to as "humans" in Twilight Princess.)

Canon: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Canon Point: End of the game, after Midna goes back and everything is saved.
World and Background: link

Personality: At the beginning of Twilight Princess, Link is a hardworking, good-natured young farmhand who spends his days running errands, caring for the goats on the nearby ranch, practicing his swordsmanship, and playing with the village children (who idolize him to the point where one even hand-crafts a fishing rod for him). He's the kind of guy that can't say no to someone in need, no matter how small or trivial the task, someone everyone in town can rely on. Get rid of a wasp's nest? Sure. Recover a baby crib? Of course. Find a lost cat? All in a day's work. And in return, the people of Ordon treat him with warmth and even respect. He's childhood friends with the mayor's daughter, he can wrestle an escaping goat to the ground bare-handed, and he's even asked to perform a special task on behalf of the village: delivering a precious sword to the castle, as a gift to the royal family.

Even when the village is overrun by Bulblins and Twilight shrouds Hyrule, it's Link the villagers are convinced is going to save them. Somehow, he's going to rescue Ilia. Somehow, he's going to make sure the kidnapped children are safe. Somehow, he's going to brave and calm Death Mountain, figure out why Lake Hylia has been drying up, and fix whatever's wrong with Faron Woods. And he ends up doing exactly that. Each time a new threat appears to menace the people of Hyrule, Link steps up, gets on his horse, and makes things right again. There's no hesitation or doubt in his actions, even when he becomes trapped as a wolf and has no idea how he'll ever return to human form or the people of Hyrule are reduced to a wraithlike existence under the curtain of Twilight, conditions in which a normal person might break down or panic.

Link is a hero in the truest sense of the word: kind to others, courageous in the face of danger, and self-sacrificing. He rarely asks anything in return for his deeds and, in fact, the number of people who actually know for certain that Link is the one steadily beating back the darkness are remarkably few. And the number of people who know how Link is doing it (by collaborating with an imp connected to the Twili and traveling through the Twilight as a wolf) could be counted on one hand. He puts his life on the line to save Hyrule, but ultimately, it's in obscurity, with no real promise of reward or guarantee of success.

While Link is a hard worker even before Zant's assault on Hyrule, it's also evident that he knows when to take time out and relax, or fulfill a request /challenge that other hero-types might deem unimportant. He keeps a look out for unique bugs for Agitha's collection, for instance, and he enjoys taking a little time to indulge in fishing in Hyrule’s various lakes and rivers. Nor is he afraid of looking silly while doing so; at one point, in wolf form, he even takes time out of his day to track down and talk to twenty lonely cats who live in an abandoned town... on the request of their leader, a chicken.

Though Link performs a great number of heroic deeds during the course of Twilight Princess, it's also worth noting that he doesn't particular seem to want to be a hero. Before the Twilight falls over his village, he's largely content with his life -- he's not an outcast, like Colin, or overly enthusiastic about taking care of the monkeys that have supposedly been causing mischief in the village. Rather, he seems to spend his days simply: performing errands, taking care of Epona, and helping out on the ranch. Link becomes a hero not because he wants to be one, but because of a chain of events entirely out of his hands (and there’s the whole “chosen by the gods” thing). At heart, even after saving Hyrule, he’s still the village boy who was asked to take up the hero’s mantle and did it – not for dreams of power or fame, but because people needed him.

Abilities: Midna can turn him into a large wolf who can sniff out scent trails and see ghosts. Without her around, he's stuck in human form, though. Also, as a hero "chosen by the Gods" (it's implied that the Triforce of Courage is embedded in his hand), he seems to have some resistance to dark curses. Where most Hylians are transformed into ghostly spectres when the Curtain of Twilight falls over Hyrule, Link is transformed into a wolf instead, and still able to provide some form of resistance against the Shadow Beasts that roam the twilight.
Physical: Link is highly athletic and in peak physical condition; in addition to horseriding, goatherding, and swimming, he's spent the last while traipsing all over Hyrule climbing mountains, wrestling with Gorons, snowboarding down icy slopes, fighting dragons, etc. However, he's no stronger, faster, or hardier than any young Hylian would be at peak physical condition. He can't knock over buildings, hurl boulders, or anything like that -- no superpowers, just a lot of hard work.

Mental: Link is fairly intelligent, at least when it comes to picking up new sword techniques, learning how to wrangle animals, and solving dungeon puzzles (for example, his spatial skills are probably great, what with being able to navigate around Lakebed Temple's rotating staircases and jetset around the City in the Sky with some well-timed hookshot aiming). However, there's no canon evidence that he's a genius-level intellect. He's clever and adaptive, not necessarily book-smart.

Emotional: Link is enormously resilient and resourceful in the face of adversity. When the curtain of Twilight descends over Hyrule and shadow creatures begin terrorizing its people, for instance, Link doesn't just sit around and wait for someone else to fix things or cower in a corner. He struggles his way out of captivity, sneaks his way around the village to secure himself a sword and shield, and takes the shadowy beasts head on -- even at the beginning of the game, when he's not sure he'll be able to regain human form after being magically transformed into a wolf. He never balks at his quest, even when the tasks he's given -- sneak into Death Mountain, fix the water level in Lake Hylia, defeat a rampaging dragon, repair an ancient magical mirror -- seem difficult or downright impossible. There's a reason Link is the "hero chosen by the gods", and it's the incredible amounts of mental fortitude and courage he possesses.
Physical: Link really doesn't have any unusual physical weaknesses beyond that of an ordinary human/Hylian, except those he gains when using specific pieces of equipment. For example, while wearing the Zora Armor, he's vulnerable to fire and ice attacks. While wearing the Iron Boots in a body of water, he can drown if he doesn't take them off and surface for air. Anything that would hurt a normal human should hurt Link: being set on fire, being hit by rocks, falling in molten lava, etc.

: Link may be a quick learner when it comes to a bow or a sword, but there's no real reason to suspect he's very knowledgeable about the outside world, or even that he knows much besides basic math, writing, etc. He was a goatherder in Ordon Village, and a fairly young one at that. And of course there's no library or designated school in Ordon. Link also tends to be a little 'tell me what to do and I'll do it', accepting people (Midna, Zelda, the Light Spirits) at their word that collecting the Fused Shadows or the pieces of the Twilight Mirror or whatever else is The Only Way to stop the bad guys. He does have some initiative, especially when it comes to stopping rampaging bulblins or rescuing children, but usually someone's there feeding him the overall game plan.

Emotional: Link is kind-hearted and trusting. Maybe a little too trusting, actually; Midna basically spends the first portion of the game manipulating him to do her bidding. Granted, they had the same basic goals (get rid of Zant, fix things up in Hyrule), and it wasn't likely that he could do much without her help. On the other hand, he basically takes Midna at her word that he doesn't need to know why she wants the Fused Shadows, never really bothering to question her about them. And of course, there's that scene where King Bulblin caves in and implies he won't be fighting Link any more ("Enough. I follow the strongest side! ...That is all I have ever known."), and Link just... lets the guy off, even after he terrorized Ordon Village and kidnapped one of Link's friends (who was subsequently rescued).

Roleplay Samples
First-Person Sample: [Link moves quietly through the forest. It's easy, as long as he watches his step; he's had a lifetime of living right next door to Faron Woods to draw on.

It's been a few weeks since he's arrived here. After the initial shock of finding himself in another world wore off, though, Link finds that in some ways, it's nice to have a break from his once-quiet village life. Though few had truly known the extent to which he'd been involved in the banishing of the Twilight that had covered Hyrule, he'd still been treated like a celebrity when he'd returned from the castle. A hero.

Except all he'd really wanted was for everyone to be happy. To go back to spending lazy days in the meadow, or taking Epona for a quick trot after a day's work herding the village goats.

Likely he'll change his mind in another week or two. But for now, it's a short-lived period of relief.

There are enough strangers in Luceti that Link had hoped, at least for a brief while, that he might see a friend or two from home. Or even from the Twilight Realm. So far, however, he's had no luck.

He focuses his attention on his target: a wild hare, half hidden by reeds. One hand nocks the arrow in a smooth, practiced movement; in a brief, precise motion, he releases. The rabbit sees motion, tries to escape -- but it's too late. Link rises from his hiding place, retrieving the hare and his arrow both. ]


[And he is a little sorry; after all, this animal's done no wrong. But that's the way things are, whether it's in the wild or on the farm or anywhere. Sometimes you just mind your own business and something comes out of the blue and lays you out flat. And the only thing to do is get back up and try to put things right again.

The most important thing, he thinks, is make sure nothing goes to waste.]

Third-Person Sample: Link wasn't sure what to make of this place, exactly. It wasn't like he was unused to meeting strangers or even those of other species. But back in Hyrule, everyone had had a common frame of reference. Everyone knew where Lake Hylia was, who lived in the castle, who watched over Death Mountain, who the goddesses were and what they'd done for the land before departing so long ago. But here... here there was pizza and fashionable clothing and convenient teleportation. Many of the people here seemed used to a completely different method of thinking or existing and while they were friendly enough, Link found that he felt a little lost, somehow, just trying to absorb everything.

So sometimes he fell back on what he knew: the farm, the forest, the lake. Things that were concrete, understandable. Things that, in one way or another, reminded him of home. He continued with the sword practice and the marksmanship, though there was no longer any Zant to fight and no clear means of even returning to his original world. But it was something to do. And it was worth being prepared. And slowly, he thought, he was gaining some insight into the others (or at least those who would spar with him), learning through action and close observation rather than through idle conversation.

It was easier this way; he didn't really grasp what shopping malls were like or how to pull off a casino heist, but he did understand that one could learn a great deal about another from how they acted. Or reacted, in this case, to a swift parry or sword thrust. The cautious would draw back, defending and waiting for the right chance to strike. Those of bold persuasion would charge forward, matching him blow for blow. And then there were the craftier ones, used to fierce fighting without concern to rules of conduct. These strangers were a motley group; that much was certain. But until he could return, this was his new town, and these were his new neighbors.

Best get used to them.

(Link to additional thread sample

Anything else? Link regularly keeps a bunch of stuff with him:
Epona: A large, reddish-brown mare with a white mane and tail.
Hero's Clothes: A set of green clothes.
Zora Armor: A set of flippers, chain mail, and breathing apparatus that allows Link to breathe underwater. While wearing the Zora Armor, Link is vulnerable to fire and ice spells.
Master Sword: An ancient sword with the power to repel evil. Touching the Master Sword dispels the curse that traps Link as a wolf. It is even capable of absorbing and storing magical power and batting spells back towards an attacker.
Hylian Shield: A sturdy metal shield.
Gale Boomerang: A boomerang imbued with a fairy spirit. When the Gale Boomerang is thrown, it creates a gust of wind that follows the boomerang wherever it goes and can be used to move pinwheels, blow away enemies, etc.
Iron Boots: Boots with iron soles. Link can walk in them with effort.
Hero's Bow: A bow, with arrows.
Clawshot (2): A clawshot consists of a handle attached to a chain and spring-loaded hook. Link fires the hook into a convenient tree or target, then uses the clawshot to retract the chain, pulling him rapidly toward whatever he hooked. He has two of these.
Horse Call: A whistle made of grass, used to call Epona.
Bombs: Explosive bombs with a fuse attached. If Link is feeling lucky, he can attach one to an arrow and create a BOMB ARROW. Bomb arrows are like regular arrows except they explode when they hit something.
Water Bombs: Like normal bombs, but they work underwater.
Hawkeye: Essentially a simplistic pair of binoculars. Used as a sniper scope for the Hero's Bow.
Slingshot: A slingshot.
Spinner: A giant top that Link can ride on, although he can only ride on it for about ten feet or so at a time until it slows to a stop. The one exception is when it's attached to a compatible rail, in which case Link can use it as an impromptu riding platform and whiz along to wherever the rail ends. Its edges can be used as a weapon, but this is really only feasible when Link already has momentum from riding along a convenient rail. Also, it can be used as an impromptu tool; if the spinner's bottom part fits in a similarly-shaped gap in a series of gears, Link can use the spinner to turn the gears (with some physical effort).
Ball and Chain: A heavy weapon consisting of... a ball and chain. The ball component is heavy enough that Link visibly staggers while lugging it around. However, it can be used to smash things that otherwise might be hard to destroy, like ice or heavy armor.
Dominion Rod: A rod constructed using highly advanced technology, which allows Link to animate statues and force them to mirror his own movements. But JOKE'S ON HIM, it's essentially useless on any statue that wasn't specially constructed by the Oocca.
Fishing Rod: A fishing rod.
Bottles: Four (4) glass bottles. Two filled with lantern oil, one with red potion, one with milk.
Lantern: A lantern that uses oil to light up an area. Its flame can be used to start a fire.
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Plots and Multi-Character Logs | Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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Plots and Multi-Character Logs | Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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Plots and Multi-Character Logs | Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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